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Our Story

Who We Are

Hen Pen Paper Co. is a Fayetteville, AR paper goods company providing sweet and witty greeting cards and other paper goods, all printed in the USA and carefully assembled in their studio by husband and wife team, Lara and Brian Henning. All of the designs are unique and original illustrations, paintings and/or hand lettering created by Lara, both on paper and through graphic design. 

Thanks so much for supporting our small business & our family!
--Lara, Brian & our sweet daughter E

How We Got Here

I'm a graphic designer by training but after years of working corporate design jobs and on freelance design projects that seemed to constrain my artistic abilities, I was looking for an outlet. I had ideas that I wanted other people to experience with me so I began designing greeting cards and created Hen Pen Paper Co. in 2011. 

“I fell in love with greeting cards. I think because a card is really just a condensed version of what we really want to say to one another. I find great joy in coming up with those special words and illustrations that will communicate exactly what a person wants to say". --Lara

Technology is a part of our every day lives. When we take a moment to put a pen to paper and write to someone, in that moment, there are no distractions. Focus is on that person we are writing. When that person receives your letter, it's a gift. Something to be saved and cherished always. 

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